Spring Break Dub Fest – Ft. Lauderdale

Florida new poster
Demo @ LAX
Midnite Band
Demo on stage
Stephen Marley
Dezarie slider
2 women performers
3 artists
Spring Break Ft Lauderdale Mar 2016
Demo in front of hotel w CDs
Demo and Major Slim
Demo and Major Slim
Demo Delgado and Major Slim

Massive and crew!!! 

Big show happened on March 27 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at the Dub Village.

This is the start of something we plan to take to higher heights by showcasing your favourite reggae bands down in Florida and also live on the West Coast. Dub Village brought you Dezarie and Ron Benjamin from The Midnite Band, Spragga Benz and Stephen Marley.

It was a great show, I really enjoyed my time in Florida. I got the chance to see my Seaview link-ups and party all night. Big up to Major Slim, thanks to you and your wife for your hospitality.  We really had a great time rolling round in the  Masarati. Slim was featured on the album Reggae Hits Vol 1 for Marwan Records with a song called ”America, America.”

Posted on: March 10, 2016, by : DemoDelgado

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