Early Career

Demo aka Demolition had an early career as a recording artist, writing songs and touring with Wayne Wonder.

Delgado first met Wonder in Kingston, Jamaica and they hit it off from the start. Later Delgado joined Wonder in New York. They collaborated on No Holding Back, the Atlantic Records album that launched Wonder as an international superstar. They co-wrote the songs “Enemies” and “Metal & Steel.” “Enemies” was a smash hit and was remixed for VP Records’ compilation album, Strictly the Best Vol. 31.

SomethingNewmovieposterTheir song “Baby I Need You” was featured in the movie SOMETHING NEW starring Sanaa Lathan and Blair Underwood.

“Wayne Wonder and I had a great vibe when we performed together on stage – the audiences really liked that.  We enjoyed writing songs together too.  It was a good collaboration.”

Delgado went on to a fruitful collaboration with Penthouse Records.


Delgado has also collaborated with reggae/dancehall and hiphop artists such as Ken L (also an actor on the The Parkers TV series), Doxamillion and many others.

He proved himself a prolific songwriter with some great recordings for Penthouse, including “Never Stop Cry” along side Steven ‘Lenky’ Marsden, the producer who worked with Sean Paul on “Get Busy'” and Wayne Wonder on ”No Letting Go.”

Some of these singles appear on Demo’s compilation album: Jack It Up One More Time.

“I compiled some of the singles I think were well produced and they’re some of my favorites.”

JackItup CD Back close copy