Live and Learn

Demo Delgado has evolved into an inspiring, charismatic artist destined to be one of reggae’s finest.


“Live and Learn” is a conscious roots reggae single on the Run Cold Riddim by Irie Vibrations (available on iTunes.)  The song is in rotation on Irie-FM in Jamaica and KJEE-FM Santa Barbara.

“Live and Learn” marks a new beginning: Delgado’s Rastafarian roots have re-emerged and are showing up in his music and his message.

“I feel like something that was always part of me is becoming more clear in everything I do. I’ve matured with the times and so has my music.”

Accolade005 The colorful, upbeat “Live and Learn” music video was a collaboration between Marwan Records and JaZzyMaE Media.  The video was directed and edited by writer/filmmaker Laurie Lamson. Delgado and Lamson brought together an international cast who vibed perfectly together on- and off-camera.

The award-winning music video is in rotation on Hype-TV (Jamaica), Reggae Jam Television (online), Soweto-TV (South Africa), Tropik TV Network – on Tropik Hits and featured on an episode of 5Sur5TV (Caribbean and Tri-state area.) “Live and Learn” also reached #3 on Tempo Networks‘ Cross Caribbean Countdown (the MTV of the Caribbean.)

“I’m humbled by the response in South Africa. For me, it’s a dream come true to connect with the motherland.”