Demo Delgado “Never Stop Cry” on the Tonight Riddim

Keith & Tex

The Tonight Riddim

There’s a big history to the rhythm of this song: the Tonight rhythm (or as Jamaicans call it, “riddim.”)  The original cut was by Keith & Tex for producer Derrick Harriot’s Move & Groove label in 1967.

In the USA, musicians and writers collaborate to make a song tailored for a specific artist, where that artist is the only one performing the song, until someone else samples it or remixes it.

In Jamaica, it’s common for different labels to produce different cuts of the same rhythm with different musicians recording their own version.  It’s also common for the label to put different artists on the same rhythm, each coming up with their own lyrics, making the song their own.  The label then compiles all the artists on the same rhythm on one album.

For example, in 1993 Penthouse Records remade the Tonight rhythm with music recorded by Leroy “Mafia” Heywood & Dave “Fluxy” Heywood.

These are the artists that recorded on the 1993 Tonight rhythm:

Beres Hammond “My Wish”
Buju Banton and Beres Hammond “Little More Time”
Galaxy P “Tickle Her Fancy”
Tony Rebel “It Can’t Work”
Wayne Wonder “Saddest Day”
Click here to listen to the full 1993 cut.

tony rebel
Tony Rebel


Wayne Wonder
Wayne Wonder


Beres Hammond
Beres Hammond

In 2000,  Steven ”Lenky” Marsden and Fluxy remade the Tonight rhythm, also for Penthouse Records. “Never Stop Cry” was released on this 2000 version.  Even though many people call it the Never Stop Cry riddim, it’s really just a new cut of the original rhythm from 1967.  Engineers were Michael “Coolie” Cooper and Gregory Gordon, and Steven Stanley was the mixing engineer for “Never Stop Cry.”

Click here to listen to the original “Never Stop Cry.”

Other artists on the 2000 version:
Devonte “Should I Stay”
Richie Stephens “Falling In Love”
Zumjay “Girlfriend Mi Miss You”

And some of them are available on Penthouse Dancehall Hits 12 (click here to find on Amazon):

DaVille “Go Now”
Jahmel “No Love In Their Hearts”
Demo Delgado “Never Stop Cry”



Demo Smoke CU
Demo Delgado


"Lenky" Marsden
“Lenky” Marsden

And here is the original “Never Stop Cry”:

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