My Days Recording for Penthouse Records

Recording with Penthouse Records was a great time in my career.

Some of these songs were done in my late teenage years, so I can’t remember everything.  But these are some highlights that stick out in my mind from those times.

“Girl, It’s Alright” on the Press Mi Button riddim with the band we called Entourage (Wayne Wonder, Showki Ru and myself.)

It was such a long time ago, my memory on recording this is hazy, but I remember Wayne Wonder got that riddim from Lenky Marsden.  Lenky wanted Wayne and I to do a collaboration on that riddim, so we wrote the lyrics together and a part for Showki.  After we recorded “Girl It’s Alright” Germain gave me some more riddims to work with so I guess he was pleased with what we did.

“Gal Dem Bebe” on the Sweetie Pie riddim is a recut of a song originally recorded for Shane Richards’ Shines Records label in 1997 on the Tarantula riddim.

This was one of my first records for Shines.  Normally I don’t re-record songs, but Germain had a great riddim, the Sweetie Pie, and I thought it would fit well with “Gal Dem Bebe,” so I re-recorded it with the same chorus but with new lyrics for the verses.

INfatuationvinyl“Jack It Up One More Time” (with Mr. Easy) and “Infatuation” both on the Extortioners’ riddim.

Mr. Easy recorded “Jack It Up” for Germain first.  Then Germain played it for me in his studio and said he wanted to include me for a new version.  I got so inspired, the very next day I was back in the studio recording my lyrics.

Germain liked to come up with creative song titles that were suggestive of what the song was about.  “Infatuation” is one of those – I recorded the song and Germain came up with the title “Infatuation.”  I thought it really did capture what the song was about, even though the word “infatuation” is no where in the lyrics.

“No Love In The City” with Jahmel, Daville, Assassin and Zumjay on a riddim played and engineered by Andre “Rookie” Tyrell.

This was an exciting day, how could I forget it?  Collaborating on writing and recording this song with all these artists was a great experience.  I think Germain came up with the idea to have all of us on the same song because we were all on his label.  What stands out clearly in my mind was the energy we all put into the songwriting, and each person taking a turn to record their part as soon as it was written.

Neverstopcryvinyl“Never Stop Cry” on the Tonight riddim

To be honest, I wrote this song when I was young and going through a lot of stuff with a woman.  I noticed a lot of people around the world have really responded to this song.  I guess it’s because they have been through some of the same things and they can relate to what I’m talking about in the song.

“Never Stop Cry” was recently remixed by a DJ in Spain and I wrote a blog about the Tonight riddim and shared the remix.

“Nuff Nuff” on the Speak Softly riddim.

When I heard this riddim from Germain, I liked the dancehall vibe and got inspired to write “Nuff Nuff.”  Sometimes you have to do music like this to have a balance with the more serious, emotional, slower songs.

“Last Laugh” on the Mr. Brown riddim.

Same way, this song was inspired by things I went through in life – experiences with people.  Everything you go through in life, including personal traumas has a way of coming up in your music.  And writing a song about your experiences is a way to empower yourself.  That’s something I got from working on this song.

“Jack It Up One More Time,” “Never Stop Cry” and “Last Laugh” are all on my compilation album.



Jack It Up One More Time song list


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