Performance with Z LaLa at The Avalon in Hollywood

Demo has worked with music engineer Robert Roth of Omega Alpha Studios on several singles including “Shake That” (available on the Jack It Up compilation album.)

Robert works closely with Z LaLa – a Billboard chart pop artist who sings in 19 languages. Robert and Z LaLa asked Demo to contribute dancehall verses to her new single “Do That” and he was happy to oblige – coming up with lyrics in the studio and recording them on the spot.

Z LaLa recently invited Demo to perform the song with her on stage at the Avalon in Hollywood and he attended rehearsal with her dance troupe to prepare for the performance.

“This was different from anything I’ve ever done before. I really enjoyed trying something new and working with Robert and Z LaLa.”

Check out the exclusive behind-the-scenes video:


Posted on: July 8, 2017, by : DemoDelgado

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